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Rob “Robbie” Campbell has been working with his blessed hands for over twenty-five years. Starting off in the maintenance department of a local retirement home he finally took the advice of many friends and especially that of his boss/mentor/best friend and created his own business. When asked, he will tell you that educating his customers is his number one job. He was tired of people getting ripped off by “experts” in the field. He wants to use the skills that he has been blessed with to help others. Whether he is giving you advice over the phone or doing a major project, he enjoys getting to know his clients and creating lasting relationships.

Rob uses his work as a ministry. He has told his wife, children and grandchildren to never stop dreaming and to find that thing that you are good at and make your living with that. He jokes and tells you that when he first started working in the field that his boss told him he wouldn’t last a week, years later his boss told him he wished that he had five Robs on his team. Rob knows that you work hard for what you have and he wants to use his blessed hands to care for your blessings.

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